Live video

I have decided to host a live video on Friday July 12 at 3 pm est. I would love to hear from anyone interested in my latest book. It’s Time For Change is a book inspired by the violence plaguing schools today. I hope that teens and young adults will enjoy this story and many more. Come to my facebook page on Friday to talk about my inspiration and motivation to write relevant stories for teens today.

Meet My Main Characters

Get to know the people who star in my latest middle-grade drama:

Amy Williams: highly intelligent, great with computers, really good writer, enjoys reading and drawing and loves to play online games with her friends.   Loves skateboarding and sports. She has played soccer since she was 3. Gets along with everyone. Amy appears confident but has a lot of anxiety and worries about others opinions of her and how she is perceived by her peers.

Steve Barnes:  intelligent maybe not as smart as Amy but close, excels in technology.  Loves to play online games and write new code and create new apps for his phone. He plays soccer with Amy only because his father wants him to get off the computer.  HIs family and friends get frustrated because he is always late…he loses track of time working on his programming. Everyone in school wants him to help them block the nanny bots on their phones and computers.  His tech skills make him very popular with the kids in school.

Lucas Stewart; struggles in school but gets a lot of help from his friends Amy and Steve.  Loves to play sports including soccer, football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. He enjoys playing online games with Amy and Steve.  Lucas has a strong need to protect his friends and family. Everyone would say he is well liked but do not threaten his family or friends he has a high protective instinct and will hurt those who caused pain to anyone he cares about.  He has a lot of patience but his temper is a problem.

It’s Time For Change

Possible Cover Art

I have completed the revision process for the most part on my new Middle grade novel. I am using Word to adjust the formatting so that I am prepared to upload to Kindle Direct Publishing and any other platform I can find. I have a friend with an amazingly talented daughter who was a beta reader who is helping me to design the cover for this book. I am hoping that she will continue to work with me on other projects including my picture books. The artwork may be different then my earlier books but she is so talented and I just cannot wait to see what she can come up with next.

The Journey Begins


I plan to share my adventures and misadventures as I work to become a published author. I am choosing a difficult path by self-publishing my stories. I know I will struggle with many aspects of this process but I hope that my mistakes will help someone else navigate a little easier. I have self published two picture books through Amazon and I learned a lot along the way. I even realize that while my paperback books look great one of my ebooks could use some love. I will work on fixing the flaws and republishing it this summer as well as completing my final revisions and publishing my first Middle Grade novel. I will also start a page for the Middle Grade novel shortly so that people can discuss and share the process with me.