A great week.

This week was incredibly enjoyable to me. I work in a school and we celebrated literacy with a read-a-thon fundraiser. On Monday the kids had crazy hair day, Tuesday was pajama day, Wednesday was workout wear, Thursday was school Spirit day and we ended the week with Character day. Teachers, Staff and students came to school dressed as their favorite book character. My team was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! Throughout the week the classes had guest readers. I was able to take the time to share one of my books with my daughter’s second grade class!. I love getting giggles from these students and seeing them enjoy books. I hope I can share more stories with other kids.

Eden as Annie Oakley, I am Dopey!

Amazing Family

I am truly blessed. I have an amazing husband who not only supports my desire to write and self-publish, but also believes in me enough to help me market my books. He created a nice flyer for me and is working on new promotions for my children’s books as well. He is also getting me the programs I need to make my books into audio books. With his support the sky is the limit.

Almost There

Over the last few weeks I have been combing through my proof to make corrections both to the cover and to the story. I am almost ready to release “It’s Time For Change”. I know many of you will agree that something needs to be done to help keep our kids safe but what are we willing to give up to ensure their safety. In this story I explore one possible option. Stay tuned for more information.

Proof is in!

I received my proof a few days ago and have been working on a final edit. I have a few corrections to make to the cover, some revisions that will make the story even better and then “It’s Time For Change” will be ready to go Live! I cannot wait to share this story with you. I would like to start a pre-order special, if you pre-order a paperback today through Sept 15 I will give you a copy of the e-book for free!