About Me


My background

I was born in Wakefield Massachusetts.  My family lived in Somerville, a suburb of Boston. We lost my mother when I was 5 years old.  This loss helped lead to my love of books.  I could forget the lonely feelings and sadness when I was engrossed in a good story. My mother was a creative person and even though I am not artistic like she or my father were, I do feel connected to them when I write.

 My father instilled a dedication to hard work in everything my siblings and I did. It was important to him that we know the value of hard work and dedication.  That lesson is one that I instill in my kids books as well.

 I currently live in Lexington KY with my husband and three children. We moved in order to provide a better life for our children.  I went back to school in 2010 and rediscovered my love of writing. With the encouragement of my husband I earned a degree.  My father's lessons stuck with me and I worked hard to become a member of the National Honor Society.

With my children growing up fast I realized I now have time to pursue my dreams.  I have started writing a series of children's books based on my crazy family, and the amazing memories we have made together.


My writing roots

I always kept a journal to help me process thoughts and actions each day.  It started as just writing what happened in school or with family, When I would reread my entries and realized how boring my life really was I started to spice up my day.  I didn't have the skills to really write but I would purposely make my day sound more extreme.    After I went back to school I realized I liked writing, not just for myself but to help entertain and even teach others. It wasn't until my daughter was born that I thought I could possibly have an audience that may enjoy my stories.  My kids and my husband are my inspiration so my stories are filled with love and humor.


My style

I approach writing as a type of personal therapy.  I process my day by putting things down and then I look and see if there is a story to be told.  Sometimes it is the most mundane comments that inspire me.  One of my favorite stories came from a normal day picking apples on a school field trip with my daughter.  I also find myself looking at current events and how they effect my family.  I may be sharing my stories but in many ways they are still a form of therapy for me.  They help me process current events and try to put things into perspective.

Keep your eyes open for what Happens Next

I have completed my first middle-grade novel and have submitted requests for cover artwork. Stay-tuned as this exciting project starts to take shape.